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Other hive products

The Urban Beehive also supplies 100% pure beeswax, as well as the products for making your own cosmetics, candles and beeswax wraps. Books on these topics are  also available.

High quality beeswax produced for sale by the Urban Beehive
Urban Beehive beeswax, beeswax molds and books on honey displayed for sale.

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 What's in store?

If you're a beekeeper we stock everything you need to refine your own beeswax, from wax melters, filter bags and molds. If you're searching for that magic ingredient, the tools to help bring your idea to life, and quality beekeeping products, browse the makers' supplies and candle-making section of our online store. And you can visit our Matraville store to check out products before you buy.

what is beeswax?

More than just a by-product

Used for centuries for countless purposes, beeswax is the ultimate resource. 


Filtered and free from impurities, harvested from our beehives for you. 


We only ever supply 100% Australian beeswax – purity you can trust. 


Candles, cosmetics, wraps – there are thousands of uses for beeswax.

What people ask


Our makers supplies and beekeeping products are only available from our online shop or Matraville store.
We buy all types of beeswax. The amount paid depends on the grade of cleanliness.

There are many way for you to melt and filter your beeswax at home and we have the products to help. Send us an email and we’ll get back to you with more information.

We currently do not stock propolis as a product.