A bespoke approach to urban beekeeping

The Urban Beehive is inner Sydney's leading beekeeping shop and urban honey supplier, with hives located throughout the city – on rooftops, in parks and gardens, and  coastal reserves. Run and owned by beekeepers for beekeepers, we stock leading Australian-made beekeeping equipment, offer popular beekeeping courses and hive  management, and are experts at bee mentoring.

Urban beehives being inspected in Sydney

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From hives to honey – and beyond

Whether you're an expert apiarist or new to bees, we've got you covered.

Beekeeping Courses

City-based beekeeping courses with a ‘hands-on’ practical component, essential for understanding bees.

Beekeeping Equipment

We stock the highest quality, Australian-made beekeeping equipment, online and in-store.

Honey + Wax

Buy pure beeswax and lightly filtered unpasteurised honey – locally sourced from our city hives.

Beekeeping Management

Tap in to our knowledge and experience and become a successful beekeeper or hive host.

Sponsor the bees

Add an environmental slant to your business ethos by sponsoring the Urban Beehive and our bees.

Bespoke Experiences

Enjoy beautifully curated bespoke bee-themed experiences for you and your clients.


Nurturing healthy bees in the city

In backyards, community gardens, at the beach and on rooftops across the city, our hives are located everywhere in Sydney, from Bondi and Marrickville to the Botanic Gardens and the roof of the Shangri-La Hotel. Comprised of experienced apiarists with many years of shared knowledge, the Urban Beehive team offer advice and insight into every stage of the beekeeping journey, from companion planting to harvesting honey and everything in between – supplies, equipment, resources and expertise.

Industry acclaimed

We are professional beekeepers and all our products are fully certified.

30+ years' experience

The Urban Beehive team has over 30 years of combined experience.

Supporting urban bees

To support city bees, we nurture and support Sydney’s beekeepers.

Local stock in local shops

Like our bees, our honey can be found throughout the city.

Knowledge sharing

Beekeeping courses, mentorship, honey extraction and more.

Beginner to advanced

We’re here to help at every stage of the beekeeping journey.
Urban Beehive bees hard at work making honey in honeycomb

our environmental contract

Sydney's urban ecosphere

Honeybees and native bees play a vital role in ensuring our urban environments are pollinated. Not only are inner-city bees free to roam away from the industrial pesticides widely used in commercial farming, they have access to incredible flora biodiversity, gathered from every garden, parkland and nature reserve from Bondi to Balmain – and beyond. Plus, with bee populations threatened by environmental instability and disease, the productivity and diversity of urban hives can help to redress these concerns.

honoured to be  

Trusted by leading companies


Working to close the cycle

The Urban Beehive proudly collaborates with some of the city's best-known hotels, venues and food producers. Our bees are busy making honey at the Shangri-La Hotel, at Vaucluse House, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Bourke Street Bakery, David Jones, Archie Rose and Carriageworks, and in most cases, the final product gets used on site, from fresh sourdough to honey-infused spirits and tiny bottles of the purest urban sweetness in the city's leading hotels. 

Urban Beehive bees located on the roof of David Jones flagship store, Sydney


Start your beekeeping jounery 

Group of students gathered around a hive during beekeeping course in Sydney

1. Education
is key

One-day courses to get you started on your beekeeping journey.
Honeybee making honey in urban Sydney

2. Sustainability
you can taste

Take your company’s green credentials to the next level.
Urban Beehive honey, wax and other beehive products for sale

3. Quality products
and service 

Online or in person, we are here to help and we stock a huge range of products.

SYdney Beekeepers

Beekeepers unite

Whatever your interest in bees and honey, we've got the answers.

Great advice

We love sharing knowledge – get in touch to learn more, whatever stage of the beekeeping journey you’re at.

Gain confidence 

Beekeeping can be daunting at the outset, but don’t worry, we’re here to help in every way we can.

Source the best

Quality products, from the best beekeeping equipment to local urban honey sourced from around the city.



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What people ask


We love to support all beekeepers but do not place beehives in residential gardens for hosting. However, if you have a beehive and would like to be mentored by one of our expert beekeepers to become more confident with bees, we are happy to help. Contact us for more info.

Our Matraville store is open Thursday and Fridays, 1pm to 3pm, and Saturdays, 9am to 1pm. The Urban Beehive is closed on pubic holidays and long weekends, however we post online orders six days a week.
While we don’t sell flow hives, we do stock compatible products for you to use with your flow hive.

Retail honey is available online and at our shop in Matraville. Wholesale stock is available for anyone wanting to feature The Urban Beehive honey at their business or to use as an ingredient.