Sydney's largest professional urban beekeeping company

The Urban Beehive manages over 20 sites across Sydney, and we offer beekeeping management within Metropolitan Sydney. We also offer hive hosting options for businesses, and private mentorship for residents with their own beehive.

Urban Beehive rooftop hives overlooking the centre of Sydney

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Got bees?

A helping hand for backyard beekeepers and hosting opportunities for businesses.

1. Backyard beekeepers looking for assistance

If you already own a beehive we can help with regular inspections and expert mentorship from beekeepers with many years’ experience. 

2. Companies looking to host a beehive

On-site hosting is available for commercial set-ups and small businesses: get a beehive maintained by professional beekeepers and reap the sweet rewards! Hosting options are tailored to client needs.

3. Rescuing abandoned beehives

Sometimes beehives get left behind. If you know of an abandoned beehive that needs rescuing contact us to help with swarm removal.
Experience Urban Beehive beekeeper inspects honey frame with bees from a city beehive

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Every beehive deserves the best care 

Whether it's beehives owned and managed by us, or your own backyard bees that need a little TLC, we're here to ensure each beehive is happy and healthy.

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Your bees are in safe hands

Hiring The Urban Beehive means your honeybees will get the attention they need to thrive.



Extra support for Sydney’s beekeepers

– Available for beekeepers who already have their own beehive

– Learn from the experts

– Help in meeting DPI record requirements

– Stress-free beekeeping: gain confidence in handling your bees

– Assistance with honey harvests

– Learn how to deal with grumpy bees

– Hourly rates

Hive Hosting


Host a hive and support local pollinators

– The ultimate sustainability initiative

–Professional beekeepers with established clients

– Honey allocation

– Social media buzz

– Hands-off: leave it to the experts

– Record management as required by DPI

Urban Beehive beekeeper maintains beehives at Carriageworks in Sydney


How much work does it take?

It is hard work collecting nectar to turn it into honey, but the bees love it. Our job is to make it easier for them by inspecting their hives regularly to ensure they have a warm, clean and safe environment. Honeybees are susceptible to pests and diseases and it takes a knowledgeable beekeeper to check on the health of the beehive. Inspections are carried out at a minimum once a month, maybe more during spring. Records are kept of every inspection and can be read by anyone wanting to follow the progress of the beehive.


Trusted by leading companies

Am i eligible?

What makes a good host?

Each of our beehive locations are unique and we have a checklist of what makes a site suitable. It's worth noting that we don't place beehives over 10 stories high because this is out of the bees flying range. Think you might have a great spot? Send us an email along with some photos and we’ll get back to you with a checklist and the opportunity to be eligible for a location inspection. We make sure that every apiary is set up and ready to go before moving the beehives in, which promises peace of mind for us – and them.

Urban Beehive hives located on site at Sydney's Carriageworks

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Mentoring or hosting?

Urban Beehive beekeepers extracting honey from a flow hive in Sydney

1. Mentoring

You own the beehive and we help mentor you through the seasons with monthly check-ins. 
Urban Beehive beekeeper holds honeybee on their hand

2. Hosting 

Your business provides the location and we care for bees as our own while sharing the sweet benefits!

3. Rescue 

Know of an abandoned beehive or just one that needs to be taken care of? Contact us for help.


What about the paperwork?

The legalities of running a beekeeping business.


 We take pride in our records system, ensuring all legal obligations are meet with The Department of Industries.

Insurance and compliance

Our business is fully insured and we can provide SWMS and compliance records to meet any obligations.


We’re Sydney’s largest urban beehive management company, thanks to hard work and our customers’ trust.



let's get started

Ask a professional beekeeper

Call or email a quick brief and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


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What people ask


No, unfortunately our hosting is only available for organisations. 
Each business is unique and will be assessed according to the site location, your needs etc. Get in touch to book an appointment.

Yes! Participation is welcome and it’s a great way to learn more about the bees. With prior notice, protective gear can be supplied.

Each hosting arrangement is unique. Evaluation is made on your honey requirements and the site we are working on.