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Supporting small businesses and our local pollinators

Sponsoring a beehive in one of our apiaries is a great way to support a local small business while showing you care for both the bees and the environment. It's easy, satisfying and you get to reap the sweetest rewards! 

Urban Beehive beekeeping equipment, including honey frames, hives and more.

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Every beehive supports the environment 

Bees are both vital pollinators in the urban space and carbon positive, which means they give back more to the environment than they take!

Urban Beehive situated in a leafy Sydney garden

Your brand on a beehive 

Invest in being seen where it counts! 

Contact us about associations in need

We can put you in touch with charitable bee groups that always need help. 

Share in the honey and the vibe

Invest more into your business by sponsoring a hive and enjoying the sweetest rewards. 

the benefits to sponsoring a beehive 

Beekeeping is an investment in the environment

Urban beekeeping is urban farming, and it can be tough. By sponsoring local bees you can directly help to ensure the future of the hive against environmental factors and the threat of pests – and in turn, do your bit for the environment.

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What happens when you sponsor a beehive?

Your money goes directly towards the upkeep of all woodware and hive equipment we need to keep our hives safe, clean and secure, as well as towards finding and securing new apiary sites across Sydney for our bees. 

Beekeepers are supported

Your help means we can continue our important work protecting Sydney’s urban bee populations. 

Equipment is upgraded

Beehive parts regularly need to be replaced and updated. Your help is invaluable for this.   

New products for beehive

 You help us provide the required research for new technological products as they come on the market. 

Healthy bees

Healthy bees are happy bees! Help us help them to stay that way and flourish across the city. 

A helping hand 

Beekeeping is a full-time job so we gratefully accept all the help we can get! Thank you. 

Your brand exposure

Honey is a buzz word (see what we did there?!) Jump on the bandwagon with your brand on our beehives. 
Close up of honeybees hard at work on hexagonal honeycomb

sponsoring the beekeeping world

Why sponsor?

Many small beekeeping companies around the world invite sponsorship –
it strengthens the industry as a whole.


Trusted by leading companies

learn about your beehive

Updates and socials

Receive regular updates about your beehive – what's going on, when the honey is ready – and post about it on social media. It's ethical investment at its best!

Urban Beehive beekeepers standing next to a rooftop hive in central Sydney

how to sponsor

Choose the right sponsorship for you

Bourke Street Bakery + Urban Beehive honey jar with bees buzzing around it

1. Your logo on a beehive 

Show the world your ethical credentials with your logo on one of our beehives
Urban Beehive bees leaving and returning to their Sydney hive

2. Social media updates

People love to know what’s going on at the buzziest place in town!
Visitors in protective clothing listening to an Urban Beehive beekeeper who is holding a honey frame with bees on it

3. Apiary

Come along to an apiary visit and get up close and personal with the bees. 

beekeeping sydney

Help us help bees 

Faced with the threat of habitat loss, climate change and disease, bees need our help.


Varroa destructor has now arrived in Australia. Your sponsorship will help in the fight against this pest. 

Climate change

Australia’s seasons are getting hotter and wetter. You can help by investing in safeguarding the future of bees. 

Habitat loss

Over development across the city means fewer trees and therefore massive habitat loss for bees. 



become a sponsor

Find out more about sponsoring a beehive

Get in touch and we can talk about all the options available to you and your company. 


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What people ask


No! Anyone can sponsor a beehive to be maintained at one of our apiaries. Contact us for more details.

Like bees, we are social creatures! Post far and wide about your experience as a hive sponsor with The Urban Beehive. 
Yes! Arrange for your company to come and assist for a day on-site at an apiary. Your staff will get to help while also being educated in all things bees. 
This can easily be arranged as a way of saying thank you. Just get in touch to find out more.