100% pure honey  

The Urban Beehive harvests 100 per cent pure honey and beeswax from apiaries all around Sydney. It really is the sweetest thing!

Urban Beehive honey supplies and beeswax on display for sale
Close up of the Urban Beehive's Sydney honey and beeswax

Where to buy

Want to grab a jar in person? Check out our stockists page here. 
Urban Beehive apiarist pouring raw honey in factory setting


We supply bulk honey for retail and to use as an ingredient.
Close up of Urban Beehive's quality beeswax, used for candle making, wraps and more.

Other hive products

We sell top-quality beeswax for candle making, beeswax wraps and more. 

beehive supplies

Honey harvested here in Sydney

Small seasonal harvets of honey from over 20 suburbs.

Rooftop hives managed by the Urban Beehive in central Sydney

Urban apiaries

Beehives in suburbs around Sydney mean you get to experience the honey local to your area.

No added nasties

Our honey is not blended, meaning each harvest is unique in flavour, reflecting the flora the bees were foraging on at the time.

What about pollution in the city?

We recently collaborated with Macquarie University to test our honey, and the results showed it to be pure and clean. Email us for a copy of this groundbreaking study. 


Trusted by leading companies

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100% pure honey

Taste the difference...


Our honey is not heated over 40 degrees, meaning the enzymes and goodness remain in tact. 

Lightly filtered

Supermarket honey is micro-filtered to prevent it solidifying. We like having pollen present in our jars!

Certified premises

Our Bqual certification means the honey is packed to the highest food standards.



want to know more?

Email us with any questions 

For more information about honey and beeswax.


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What people ask


You can buy Urban Beehive honey direct from our Matraville store, online and at a range of stockists across the city. Check out our stockists page. 
We tested for the presence of pollution in our honey, including lead and other heavy minerals in a 2018 study authored by Xiaoteng Zhou at Macquarie University: The Identifying Sources of an Environmental Contamination in European Honeybees, Using Trace Elements and Lead Isotopic Elements. Fortunately, the results showed the honey to be clean. We’d be proud to share this groundbreaking study with you: just get in touch. 

Yes! We support small backyard beekeepers who are looking to sell their surplus product. Send us an email if you have honey and beeswax to sell.

Yes, we are happy to pack to order and do so for many occasions throughout the year, including Hanuka and for weddings.