Swarm Management Course

We are launching a series of courses in our shop at Matraville covering all the basics in a single topic.  The courses will run for 2 hours and give you hands on experience and an opportunity to ask all the questions you might have about the topic being covered.

Swarm Management course  click here for course dates

This course is designed for beekeepers wanting to know more about becoming prepared for the 2021 spring swarm season.

Whether it’s your first year with bees or you are wanting to learn more to build on your knowledge, this short course will cover all topics and answer all questions you may have.

Spaces are limited so get in before your bees get out!

Due to CoVid we are limiting the course numbers to allow for social distancing and will have no catering available.

The swarm management course includes


Why do bees swarm?

How to tell if your beehive has swarmed and what next?


How to get ready for swarm season.

Signs inside the beehive of swarming.

Steps to take before your bees swarm to help prevent occurrence

Catching a swarm

My20181106_130406 bees have swarmed, what now?

Catching a swarm, safety and procedures.

Tea, coffee provided.