Beginners Course

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The Urban Beehive is offering a one-day beginners’ beekeeping course covering the principles of backyard, urban and rooftop beekeeping. The aim is for participants to gain a basic knowledge of European honeybees and the methods of keeping them in an urban environment. Our urban beekeeping course is divided into two parts, you spend the morning learning the theory of beekeeping and the afternoon is spent hands on lighting smokers and opening beehives. You will get to handle bees and learn how to identify eggs, larvae, pollen and honey inside your hive.

Course topics

We’ll teach you theory and practical management of honeybees including:

  • Honey bee biology and behaviour
  • Equipment for starting up a beehive we will demonstrate all the main sorts of hive people are using in Sydney.
  • Regulations and location placement
  • Handling bees with confidence and respect
  • Native bees

The courses are held at The Urban Beehive with the practical session on site in our apiary. Weather permitting, attendees will help open a beehive and get to handle bees, light a smoker and perform other hands-on tasks.

Cost, times, dates
Each course runs from 09:00am to 4:00pm and costs from $308 per student.

Due to CoVid we are limiting the course numbers to allow for social distancing and will have no catering available.

Please note: We need a minimum number of course attendees confirmed for each date; otherwise we reschedule the course and you can elect to attend on the new date or receive a refund.

Included in the course fee is Protective gear to wear on the day and a copy of the DPI publication Bee Agskills

Purchase equipment

We can also help you purchase your own bees and get your hive established. For an additional fee we can supply a basic set of beekeeping tools on the day, including protective suit gloves, smoker, hive tool and bee brush for you to keep after the course.

Beginners Courses for Spring – Summer  are now available, Click here to book

If you are not ready to select a date certificates can be purchased here

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