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The Urban Beehive are now offering one-day advanced beekeeping courses. The aim is for participants to gain a better knowledge of European honeybees and the methods of keeping them in an urban environment and build on their existing experience. The course is only open to participants who have completed our beginners course or already have a good knowledge of beekeeping .


The course will cover advanced topics such as:

Queen locating techniques
Marking Queens
Dealing with cross-combed hives
Swarm prevention
Why requeen and how do you do it
Splitting hives and joining hives
Moving hives
Dealing with grumpy bees
Getting fresh wax into the brood box
Dealing with Small hive beetle and other pests

The courses are held in Matraville with the practical session on site in our apiary.

Cost, times, dates
Each course runs from 09:00am to 1:30pm and costs from $308 per student.

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Please note: We need a minimum number of course attendees confirmed for each date; otherwise we reschedule the course and you can elect to attend on the new date or receive a refund.

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