Bee friendly seed packs

Instructions for planting The Urban Beehive bee friendly seeds

Each pack contains enough seeds for about 4 square metres, so we recommend planting in a bed rather than pot/s.

The Pack contains seeds from the following plants: Aster, Snapdragon, Cornflower, Cosmos, Marigold, Forget-me-not , Poppy, Zinnia, Alyssum, Basil, Borage, Coriander, Lucerne and Rocket. All of these are nectar and pollen producers and will support all our beneficial insects if allowed to flower.

Start by combining the contents of this pack with about 500 grams of dry sand. Mix it well to distribute the seeds evenly throughout.

Prepare your garden bed by removing any existing weeds and giving the soil some natural fertiliser to give them a head start. Or use a potting mix containing fertiliser.

Sprinkle the sand/seed mix over your garden bed and press the seeds lightly into the soil, using a roller or flat board.

Water the area lightly, then repeat over the next week or so to keep it moist but not wet – and wait for the magic to happen!